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Are you an individual, organization or company that wants to make a difference?

Do you want to play an invaluable role in bringing sustainable development, economic viability and social vitality to rural communities in Africa?

Have you envisioned a world in which all communities have an equal share in equitable access to quality healthcare, education, clean water, infrastructure and housing?

If so, then consider donating to the Moyo Africa Foundation.

All tax-deductible donations help maximize our efforts in developing rural villages – Kanyuka Village and the Nyimba District, in particular – in Eastern Zambia.

Neighborhood Development & Home Construction

A place to call one’s own. A sanctuary for building new memories and safeguarding a future, where men and women can raise their families with contemporary conveniences and everyday amenities.

Your dollars will go toward modern home construction, providing safe, secure and efficient residences for Zambian families.

Additionally, these resources will equip homes with features many of us take for granted, including sanitation, electricity and telecommunications capabilities.

Hospitals and Clinics

We are mobilizing resources to bring 21st century healthcare to Kanyuka Village, providing high-quality medical services to families throughout the surrounding area.

Your resources will contribute toward the construction of contemporary hospitals and healthcare centers, where locals have unfettered access to medications, supplies, transport services and qualified, trained staff.

Clean Water

An estimated one billion people worldwide lack access to clean, safe drinking water. Many African natures are among the most water-stressed nations globally, with millions facing critical water shortages, in addition to a scarcity of adequately treated, non-toxic water.

Clean water is a life force that can prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever. Clean water is a lifeline that cultivates and sustains agriculture, lending the most natural resource to the development of crops that yield sustenance and thwart food insecurity.

Clean water enhances the quality of life, influencing basic functions like personal hygiene to strategic initiatives like the economic growth and development that reduces poverty.

All tax-deductible donations are accepted online, securely via PayPal, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and via postal mail at the following address: Moyo Africa Foundation, P.O. Box 2932, Florence AZ 85132. Online through paypal