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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Moyo Africa Foundation was established as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 2010 in Arizona by the original group of thirteen boards of directors who wanted to help extremely poor villagers in Africa beginning at Kanyuka Village in Zambia to live healthy and holistic lives. Moyo Africa Foundation has now six boards of directors which serve as volunteers. Vision and mission of the organization has been expanded to all surrounding villagers of Kanyuka village.   

Moyo Africa Foundation has identified problems right now at Kanyuka village and surrounding villagers, and it is determined to help provide solutions with the help of friends, volunteers, churches, local people, governments, donors and investors.

Kanyuka Village and its surrounding villagers have 99% unemployment rate. Though there are some high school graduates in the area there is no University or college for high education which will help them prepare for careers. Villagers have no clean running water in their homes. Villagers practice substance farming instead of large scale modern farming. Since Kanyuka village was established early 1800 hundreds villagers still live in the huts made of mud and grass. Presence of HIV, TB, Malnutrition, malaria and many tropical diseases have overpowered villagers. No hospital or medical center nearby. Nearest hospital is about 100 miles away at Nyimba district. There are no stores to buy or sale food. No good roads and transportation system.

Therefore Moyo Africa Foundation is trying hard to solve these problems by building a medical center or hospital, helping villagers build modern living homes, dwelling water wells and water dams for both people and animals to have fresh clean water, helping farmers to practice modern ways of farming, building a college and shopping centers, church building, and promoting pro-business programs that help sustain the lives of villagers.

Moyo Africa Foundation will directly work with Chief Ndake, Headman Kanyuka, all surrounding headmen where the project is. Village headmen will encourage their people to make bricks that are going to be used in building infrastructure. Moyo Africa Foundation will partner with local and government leaders to ensure the success of the project. Moyo Africa Foundation will not buy land or possess the buildings built since the land and the infrastructure belong to the village and local people. But Moyo Africa Foundation will continue to promote good governance and fundraising for all its programs.

Moyo Africa Foundation will have a board in Zambia whose chairman is the chief coordinator of all projects. Chief Ndake will automatically be part of the board. No immediate family members of the board in USA shall be on the board in Zambia. These two boards shall work as checks and a balance so that money donated to Moyo Africa Foundation is used for its purposes. Moyo Africa Foundation Board in Zambia is responsible of hiring volunteers and workers on all projects. Moyo Africa Foundation board in USA will supervisor all projects by making frequent visits to the site.

Moyo Africa Foundation believes that this Kanyuka Village Project will eventually bring joy, hope and peace among villagers because jobs will be created and education will reach its full potential. Lives of people in the entire Ndake kingdom will be uplifted. Villagers will enjoy doing pro-business and sustainable programs which will help them find the reason of life in the world. Diseases and mortality rate will be reduced since many villagers will have access to medical help which will help them live longer.

Finally Moyo Africa Foundation as a non-profit organization will yield double blessings as the result of successful project at Kanyuka village and all surrounding villages; Lives of Kanyuka village, surrounding villages, and  of people in chief Ndake area will be lifted up. And secondly Moyo Africa Foundation will live true to its vision, mission and guiding values.

The total cost of implementation of our Kanyuka Village Project in Zambia is 10,000,000 US Dollars. Half of the money will come through investors who would like to partner with us while investing into the project. Initial 2,500, 000 needed to build the hospital, 100 homes for the villagers and 2 water ball holes will come through donors, grants and fundraising.  

For more information contact Rev. Dr. Edward Kavimba Lungu Founder/President/ CEO or any of Moyo Africa Foundation board members and Vise Presidents. Check out our website.