Moyo Africa Foundation

Forward with Rural Developments

Who we are

Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organized sorely for the purpose of helping extremely poor people in Africa and the world at large to bring about meaningful rural developments to their God given land in order to create jobs and pro-business sustainable programs.

Moyo Africa Foundation has six directors who are also known as board members. These directors work on voluntary bases though they are committed to uphold the vision, mission and guiding values of the organization.

Moyo Africa Foundation philosophy is like that of the “Anthem” in USA where village people will have all basic needs in one location. This implies that Moyo Africa Foundation will help local people themselves to build a hospital or medical center, market center sometimes known as strip malls, water wells and dams, place of high education, worship center, sports center, sanitation and modern homes.

Moyo Africa Foundation calls this philosophy Total Village Makeover and we are committed doing this where ever we start new project. Right now Moyo Africa Foundation is working with Kanyuka Village and surrounding villages in Chief Ndake Kingdom in Nyimba District in Zambia to bring about total rural development. Read our executive summary on this site.

Moyo Africa Foundation believes that the success of its projects lies on the cooperation of local people and the support of you the volunteer, you the donor, and you the investor.