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We are a non-profit organization raising money for the projects of the people in rural areas especially those at kanyuka village and sarounding villages in Chief Ndake kingdom, Nyimba District in Zambia, Africa. We know there are people out there in the world who have what we are looking for and are looking for organization like ours. Contact us or donate for our cause.

All board members are volunteers including the president of Moyo Africa Foundation Dr. Edward Kavimba Lungu. President Lungu made two visits to kanyuka village in Zambia in the last 10 years after friends and family helped with transportation money. This time next year the organization is hoping to find friends from here to go to the village with them. Moyo Africa Foundation is looking for helpers like you.

All videos on our site were taken during the visit of the president to the village. People look very happy though have little to eat and live by. They are peaceful people though many of them are uneducated and poor. Very poor. If you have 50 dollars that is lots of money to them. The people work hard just to find food for thie families. They are ready to work for nothing or little money for their projects.

People at kanyuka village would like to have a medical center. good and clean running water, morden agriculture ways of farming, hing education for thier youth. There are lots of high school drop outs and could not go to college because there are no colleges nearby. And even if they had , few would make it because of lack of money. They college education with low cost or free if possible.

Subscription Plans

Kanyuka village headman and Moyo Africa Foundation kanyuka Board will help all volunteers live peacefully in the village. Register now if you feel called to be a volunteer at kanyuka village for less than a month.

Be teachers to the villages in kanyuka area.

It is not too late to join us as partners doing the same cause (Village development). Join us.

Chief ndake and his team
Chief ndake and his team
Chief ndake and Nyimba district manger came to kanyuka village when President Lungu visited the village in 2014 from USA