Moyo Africa Foundation

Forward with Rural Developments


Collective action is the cornerstone of vibrant, healthy communities.

And that’s why we at the Moyo Africa Foundation seek and welcome strategic partnerships that will help us fulfill our vision and mission for the communities, families and hardworking people of Zambia. By pooling our resources and combining our efforts, we may expedite and advance our impact – in partnership with like-minded supporters who are similarly positioned to advance our cause.

The Moyo Africa Foundation has identified and is pursuing a multitude of capital projects that will enhance the quality, well-being and vibrancy of lives in some of Zambia’s most rural and remote villages.

Top capital investments for the Moyo Africa Foundation include:

  • Hospital / Clinic
  • Schools / Education Centers
  • Public Works Infrastructure (including clean water/water filtration systems)
  • New Home Construction

Based on our research and first-hand experience, we know that these critical priorities present the greatest potential for meaningfully improving conditions and enhancing lives in our targeted communities.

With direct access to healthcare, and the assurance of healthy, clean water and living conditions, some of the most significant contingencies and uncertainties of everyday life will no longer present roadblocks for Zambian families and individuals. Moreover, adequate educational facilities, balanced by a range of interdisciplinary, civic and programmatic offerings that cultivate potential, will endow parents with greater hopes and dreams for their children.

Strategic partnerships mobilize passion and resources to effect changes that are, indeed, priceless. However, such capital investments also demand ample funding and significant commitment of time.

The Moyo Africa Foundation reviews partnership inquiries on a rolling basis for active and forecasted projects. If your company, business, organization or foundation is interested in proposing or learning more about potential joint ventures, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..